Day of Mourning 2018


April 27 2018, Cupe 1908 hosted a “Day of Mourning” ceremony at Marine Park, Salmon Arm.

It was a time to come together to remember those people who’s lives were lost on the job over the last year and to look towards better working conditions, so everyone has a safe place to work. We all want our family members to come home at the end of each day. We are all effected by the loss of 1 person, who went to work at the start of the day, and never returned. Remember, we all have the right to refuse unsafe work.


Being piped into the ceremony
Honor Guard
Mayor Nancy Cooper
Kevin Hansen, Cupe 1908 President


A moment of Silence:


Barbeque. CSRD Emergency volunteers graciously cooked and served hot dogs.





Cupe 1908 would like to thank City of Salmon Arm, CSRD, Emergency Services Volunteers, Tim Hortons and Askews for all their help and contributions.