CUPE BC: Volunteering Challenge to all Locals



March 6, 2020

Dear CUPE BC Affiliated Local Presidents:

On behalf of the CUPE BC Workers of Colour Committee, we would like to issue a challenge to your members to become actively involved with local charities, food banks, shelters and other community organizations that support and provide support to members of society who have or will have life’s challenges.

Volunteering at food banks and shelters is a rewarding experience.  Offering a smile, a listening ear or donating time or money can lift those experiencing conflicts in their lives.  By giving it helps those who need encouragement and support in a world where they are often forgotten.

A few hours can change someone’s life in so many ways.  CUPE believes in supporting those who are in need.  The feeling of helping and involvement with such organizations will leave a lasting impression on your members to want to do more.

Our challenge to you and your local is that your local and your members support, in any way possible, local organizations that help the needy.  Your members will forever be grateful that they were a part of serving the less fortunate in our society.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

In solidarity,


Trevor Davies
Secretary Treasurer
CUPE BC Division